Dear Parents!

Welcome in my office of pediatric dermatology. Please note, that here everything happens for your children’s calm and heal.

A few advice, how you can help me in this:​

​​Before you come to the clinic, please tell the child, what will happen there. Please do the child as relaxed, as you can. Please avoid those words that ” TROUBLE” or “PAIN”, even in those context, that :”It will not PAIN”, or “There is no TROUBLE”.  According to pediatric Bearpsychologists, a small child will only understand and remember, that there is “some trouble” and it will be surely painful. It has been shown, that reducing the fear of anxiety increase the healing process.

It is a good idea, if you  bring the favourite tail, or small washable toy with you.

​Arrival to the clinic:

You should also tell the child, that there will be an inspection, please prepare the child for the expected process. Only one accompanying person enter to the inspection room please. The quiet conditions are  also important for healing.


The check-in time is accurately kept, but: if a very anxious and crying child is waiting and disturbs the others, we may change the arrivals order. Rarely occurs, that a long-term emergency intervention is necessary which takes more time.


Undressing may cause trouble for a child, so make them comfortable upon arrival. Please leave the less clothing on the child. You can leave in the undressing room the shoes, warm sweater, or pants.


The dermatological examination covers he whole body, not only to the problematic area. There may be other symptoms that are more important for me.