“Drugs are not always necessary, but belief in recovery always is.” ​ (Norman Cousins)

“Drugs are not always necessary,
but belief in recovery always is.”​

(Norman Cousins)

Pediatric Dermatology – Hungary

Dear Parents, Children, dear Patients!

Children’s skin may indicate the beginning of an illness. With the help of the skin signs we can get more information of a disease, because these symptoms reflect earlier the deficiency diseases, and other problems.

The baby’s skin does not behave like the adult’s skin, it is thinner, more fragile, and it reacts differently to external and internal processes.

The most common chronic skin diseases are the atopic eczema, dry skin and psoriasis. The various, viral warts and bacterial skin infections are also urgent problems.

The congenital disorders, pigmented moles, nevi, and vascular malformations also need examination and screening.. Teenagers also have the problems of acne, hair loss and other skin diseases

Adults may be examined after requesting an appoinment.

Prof. Szalai ZSuzsanna



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