Concerning the management of personal data, Section CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information, (“Infotv.”), you agree to the following:

1.        We allow Pediderm 2003 Kft and its affiliated companies to use personal data in writing or verbally in connection with the provision of the service in order to fulfill their specific obligations. It stores, records and treats in its IT system (database) a safe place, records and handles the needs of patient care and the related legal obligations.

Information on the provision of Patient Services and their change; maintenance of telephone and email communications related to care; with particular regard to the confirmation of the dates and the attendance and the submission of laboratory and histological tests.

2.        We acknowledge that Pediderm 2003 Kft handles, in connection with the provision of Patient Care, in particular the following personal data relating to each person concerned: name; place and date of birth, mother’s birth name, TAJ number; address; email address; telephone number; nationality.

3.        We hereby consent to the personal data provided by us by Pediderm 2003 Kft’s employees, senior officers, advisers, data processing employees and agents, and partners whose activities Pediderm 2003 Kft uses to access, perform, and personal data to be handed over to them.

4.        We acknowledge and agree that Pediderm 2003 Kft does not have and does not use personal data contrary to the applicable rules, ie it does not make it available or transfer it to third parties not authorized by this consent without our prior consent. This does not affect Pediderm 2003 Kft’s fulfillment of legal obligations regarding the transfer of personal data.

5.        We declare that we are aware of the consent to the processing of personal data at any time, except in the cases specified in Infotv, and with the right to correct them.

6.        We declare that: Pediderm 2003 Kft did not influence the granting of consent, in the context of its content and the right to refuse consent was our right and opportunity. You are familiar with us at requesting information about data management, for information about correcting, blocking and blocking personal data that is not accurate, Infotv. 18-23. Other rights under §§.


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